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“This is the last day we can live in complete ignorance of our future.”

This was the text I sent my friend as we discussed our fears about election day. After making sure I had all my grocery shopping done, meals all prepped in the fridge and kid safely asleep, we talked about ways to cope with the stress of the next few weeks. About what anxieties we had and trying to convince each other how unrealistic they were. …

My entire life, I’ve felt like a fake. An impostor, someone parading about as a normal person, terrified that any second someone would rip off my mask and reveal the monster underneath, like some Scooby Doo villain. “This is no normal person at all!” Velma would declare knowingly. “Just a sad, insecure creature with bipolar disorder and closeted love for women!”

However, it wasn’t until I began writing that I learned there was an actual name to this feeling. I remember when I published my first book. The excitement I felt for a solid week, for once feeling like I’d…

I hid from myself for years. Now, I’m ready to be honest.

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Earlier this year, I finally admitted something I’ve ignored for a very long time. I started to notice it in high school, where I felt a deep discomfort when I looked at other women. At first, I thought it was jealousy. I thought I wanted to look like those women or have their confidence.

In my first year of college, the feeling grew more pronounced. Being around women made me angry. I wasn’t sure why. Throughout my college years, I avoided women and rejected any implication that I might be attracted to the female body.

I had a string of…

The other day, I came across a Reddit post where a woman was complaining about her engagement ring size in a private Facebook group. It brought to mind all of the absurd complaints I’ve heard from women over the years about society and how they are treated. I consider myself to be a feminist, and by that I mean I believe in equality. Equal rights, equal pay, just a basic gender blindness when it comes to doing my job and going about my day to day life.

Since around the 90s, however, women have moved from equality to outright sexism…

MAX! Fetch me my sedatives!!

Growing up, my father was my favorite person in the world. He was funny, full of life, and always around when I needed him.

At least, that’s what I believed.

You see, my mom was always the villain, but my dad… Well, my dad was the one who took me hunting, who did silly dances and listened to crazy music and got me a karaoke machine for Christmas because I wanted to be a singer. There’s one particular memory I’d always cling to on bad days, my best childhood memory. It was the year I got said karaoke machine, one…

What Family Holidays Feel Like

With this being the second year I don’t go home for the holidays, I’ve been thinking a lot about family and the kinds of people that raised me. I tend to do a lot of introspection during this time of year, thinking back to some formative moments. I have always hated the holidays, but this is the first time in my life I’m actually looking forward to Christmas. …

The first time I experienced suicidal thoughts I was fourteen years old. It was the summer before my sophomore year of high school, my psychiatrist had just increased the dosage on all of my medications until I was taking 1600mg of lithium, 25mg of abilify, and 60mg of strattera. I was sick constantly, my liver working overtime to process my medicine intake and was coming up on 10 years of taking medication daily. It started small, depression coming on strong and feeling a crushing sense of nothingness. I disassociated about two weeks into the school year, completely cut myself off…

Number 8 Will Totally Shock You!

1. They ruin jobs for actual writers

I’ve been writing for a local magazine for quite a while now and the only thing they, or anyone else for that matter, want to see from a freelancer is a bunch of places or things listed out with a little detail. There’s no room for interesting writing anymore.

2. They are super click-baity

That’s how they live, they feed off of people’s curiosity.

3. They aren’t actually informative

Look, here’s a bunch of places I may or may not have tried and why you should try it. No actual information on prices or specific food/product items. …

My husband recently lost his granny to cancer. We all saw it coming for a while now, but I still felt helpless watching him struggle with this. I am horrible at coping with loss, my brain shuts down and I go into efficiency mode. Check lists on what needs to be done, comforting those that need it all the while feeling nothing myself. When my papa died, I didn’t cry and it made me feel like a monster. What kind of apathetic creature was I? …

My son learned the word “more” recently and I have come to hate it with a passion. He’s entered the seemingly never ending stages of whining, fit throwing, and demanding more, more, more of everything.

I was raised with the belief that I deserved nothing, that I was entitled to shit while my parents and sister seemed to have an insatiable need for things. …


I'm about 5 feet of liberal opinions born and raised in an ultra conservative state. This is where I go to share my lazy, uneducated millennial ideas.

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